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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Since the environment for onshore projects became less favourable, direct competitor companies that specialised in met mast installations have gone out of business. Other companies that provide a range of engineering and technical services have mothballed their met mast installation crews. But we’re still here, with a flexible crew who can take time out during quieter periods […]

Stand Alone Power Supply in Khazakstan.

Solarwheel design, build and install a stand alone power supply in Khazakstan.  In this picture the air was -33C. The system relays data 3 kms using a long range WiMax wifi link. The design brief was very exacting due to the extreme ambient temperature range. In Summer +30C, and winter down to -40C. The objective : Provide a year […]

Off Grid power

Off Grid power supply for under £4,000  Recent falls in the price of solar panels and other components has significantly reduced the cost of low impact off-grid living.  This system includes 2 Kw of PV panels, a bank of batteries, a 3 Kw inverter, and MPPT solar charge controller.   The capacity will be limited in […]

Brechfa Weather Station

We’ve been running a weather station at Fforest in Brechfa for sometime using a Campbell Scientific CR1000 data logger, and Real Time monitoring software. We decided to make the live and historic data publicly available for anyone who might find it useful or interesting. Rainfall is measured using a tipping bucket rain gauge. The figure […]

RSPB Wind Energy Project

A few summers ago we installed a 70 Metre Nexgen HiMast for the RSPB in Sandy, Bedfordshire to monitor the available wind resource.  The successful data acquisition campaign proved that the site was viable and the local council awarded planning consent to the RSPB to install a 100m Meter Wind Turbine. It’s expected to produce half of all RSPB UK […]

New HD Gin pole for masts up to 90m

Following numerous requests for us to handle heavier ‘bolt together’ masts, as supplied by Chillwind and others, we have invested in our own Heavy duty Gin-pole to enable us to raise and lower them safely. Our Gin-pole is comprised of 3m sections, and can extend to 18m in length for masts up to 90m in […]

Triton SODAR Deployment

Triton SODAR deployment as part of our new Remote sensing Logisitcs service. Solar Wheel Ltd now offers logistical support for the installation and maintenance of the Triton SODAR wind monitor. The most recent installation in the highlands of Scotland was less than straight forward due to the complex terrain. The site necessitated the installation of […]