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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Ground Anchors

Tilt-up masts rely on ground anchors to support them. Installing the right ground anchor for the soils conditions is vital for the security of the mast. The bigger the mast, the greater the holding capacity of the anchors.

Anchor design.

The most commonly used solution is a set of “deadman” anchors. These comprise a baulk of treated timber, which is buried using an excavator. The mast guys are attached to galvanised mild steel anchor rod, 24mm diameter, which passes through the timber and is secured with a nut and plate washer on the underside.

The anchor rods we use are a bespoke fabrication by Brookes Forging. Each batch of rods undergoes rigorous inspection and a sample is tested to destruction by the manufacturer. The rods are hot dip 

galvanised to give maximum service life in the ground.

Once installed and backfilled, we apply a test load. Using a load cell to measure the holding achieved. We then create a test certificate for each anchor.

Anchor Removal.

Our anchor design incorporates the means to remove the anchor rod at the end of the monitoring period, from the surface. We can therefore clear the site without the need for an excavator, leaving only the timber baulks 2M underground.