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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Lattice MET masts

Lattice masts are typically installed as a permanent fixture on completed wind farms for power performance testing. They are often installed for wind resource assessment in colder regions where steel work is prone to icing as the structure is able to cope with large loads. And of course they are used offshore where a guyed mast is not possible.

Our riggers are fully qualified to climb lattice masts having received training and certification from the National Access and Rescue Centre. We have equipment for climbing towers fitted with various fall arrest systems such as Latchways, Glideloc etc.

We are experienced at deploying a full range of sensors and data logging equipment as well as aircraft warning lights and complete remote power supplies. Our experience of various mast and boom configurations means we can deploy the instruments as precisely as possible to ensure proper operation and accurate data.

During routine instrument replacement we can provide mast maintenance checks. Including visual structural inspections, fall arrest certification and structural bolt torque sampling and re-torquing where required.

For lattice mast installations we work closely with Francis & Lewis International Structures, who provide complete tower installation and maintenance. We then provide our specialist services for deployment of wind monitoring equipment.