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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Solar Wheel Ltd design, fabricate and deploy complete wind monitoring systems for deployment on climbable lattice masts.

For large lattice mast installations, we can supply “plug and play” assemblies that allow riggers to deploy complete systems with minimal time on site. We carry out full assembly testing, including all cables and connectors, data logging and telemetry, power supplies and enclosures.

Whatever your needs, our flexible approach means we can tailor our services to suit your project. Our long experience of the harsh environmental conditions on wind energy sites, means we can deliver robust and durable systems that will survive wherever they are.

We work to your specifications, and deliver your preferences. Integrating components from different manufacturers, and solving issues of compatibility with a variety of data collection and retrieval systems.

We provide stand alone power supplies for remote locations, (Solar or wind powered), or connection to local grid supply where available. We have extensive experience with heated sensors, ice detectors, and issues affecting wind monitoring in low temperatures and high altitudes.

We’ve worked with all the typical meteorological equipment from:

Windspeed, Adolf Thies GmbH, Windsensor, NRG systems, Vaisala, Galtech, Secondwind, Ammonit, RM Young,

And integrated some more unusual equipment:

RADAC Wave Radar for sea surface height measurements out putting serial data.

AIS Receiver for monitoring vessels in vicinity of offshore structure

Standards that we work to;

met masts IEC61400:12
offshore electrical power DNV 05 D201.