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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Lidar and Sodar

We offer rental agreements on our AQ Sodar equipment, which can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the UK on a month by month basis. Having designed and tested our own Remote Power Pack we are confident that the systems we install deliver the highest possible data integrity for your renewable energy project.

We also offer logistical support for the installation refuelling and maintenance of remote sensing equipment such as Secondwinds Triton SODAR and the ZX Lidar system.

We have good working relationships with various plant hire companies around the UK who can provide the right equipment to safely deploy bulky yet sensitive equipment.

Our staff are qualified to drive 4×4 in difficult terrain and ATV for the most inaccessible locations and can easily revisit sensors to maintain and refuel them and taxi technicians to site when required.

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