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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Tilt-Up MET Masts

With over three decades of experience installing tilt-up masts up to 120m, we believe we are the number 1 UK met mast installer. 

We have streamlined our operations to provide fast and efficient Met mast installations anywhere in the UK. We are experienced at working on met masts from various manufactures including Retis, Nexgen, Chillwind, NRG, ranging in size from 10m to 120m. 

Retis is our preferred manufacturer who has developed lightweight, aluminium lattice met masts that are thoughtfully engineered to be both easy to transport and install whilst being able to withstand the harshest conditions. The design philosophy of keeping all components within a size and weight that can be easily manoeuvred by hand ensures that installation logistics and costs are kept to a minimum.

Tilt-Up Met mast services:

Site suitability assessment 

Some sites can offer problems with access issues and space limitations or extreme terrain unsuitable for mast assembly or ground anchors. We can send an experienced crew member to site to assess conditions and provide a report to help with judging site suitability and potential extra costs. 


Our experienced crews are used to operating in all weathers and terrain and are fully qualified to operate ATV and 4×4. Many years experience ensures the installation will progress quickly and safely, typically taking 1-3 days depending on the difficulty of the site. The installation is documented in a comprehensive installation report.


Guyed masts should be inspected regularly. Recommended every 6 months. We can offer basic mast, guy and fixings inspection and adjustment or complete refurbishment & replacement of guys and instruments.


With a full decommissioning report where required.  We can store the mast or deliver it to the customer.

Data Services

Data retrieval and forwarding. More info here

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