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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Brechfa Weather Station – Live data

We’ve been running a weather station at Fforest in Brechfa for sometime using our specialist data logging and acquisition equipment. We decided to make the live and historic data publicly available for anyone who might find it useful or interesting.

We have added a measurement of solar energy to the data set. The units are watts / m2. The total amount of solar energy available is estimated to be 1.32 to 1.45 Kw  for every square meter of the surface of the Earth. At our latitude, the atmosphere absorbs around 25% on a clear day, so the maximum we expect to receive is about 1000 w/m2.

Long term data are being stored on our system, and that information is available on request.

Due to website maintenance, weather station is available externally here