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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Welcome to Solarwheel

Since 1990 we have specialised in providing first class wind data at the lowest cost, adapting to the industry’s needs and standards as they have developed. 

We want your project to succeed, and we offer our commitment to work with you in the way that suits you best.

Mission Statement:

“To make a positive contribution to reducing dependence on fossil fuels for our nation’s energy needs.”

With our long years’ experience of erecting anemometer met masts from 10m to 120m and deploying telemetry systems onshore and offshore in the UK and Globally we can offer a range of services, including:

- Site suitability assessment for tilt-up MET mast installation
- Tilt-up MET mast Installation, Maintenance, & Decommissioning
- Lattice Mast services – Onshore and offshore
- Systems Integration – design, manufacture and deployment of complete data measurement systems
- Data Services – Collection, remote diagnostic, wind resource evaluation
- Remote Sensing Logistics
- Deployment, refuelling, maintenance
- Solar Resource Assessment


Met Masts

Two decades of experience installing on-shore masts up to 120m

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We can install, configure and monitor remote telemetry systems

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Solar Assessment

Deployment and configuration of Solar Resource Assessment

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If it's renewable energy data you're after,
we've got you covered!

We can install tilt-up MET masts up to 120m

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Met Masts

With over three decades of experience we believe we are the number 1 UK met mast installer. We have streamlined our operations to provide fast and efficient Met mast installations anywhere in the UK and beyond!

Tilt-Up Met mast services:

  • Site suitability assessment
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Decommissioning
  • Data Services

Read more about our tilt up masts up to 120m


Solar Wheel Ltd now offers logistical support for the installation refuelling and maintenance of remote sensing equipment such as Secondwinds Triton SODAR.

We have good working relationships with various plant hire companies around the UK who can provide the right equipment to safely deploy bulky yet sensitive equipment.

Our staff are qualified to drive 4x4 in difficult terrain and ATV for the most inaccessible locations and can easily revisit sensors to maintain and refuel them and taxi technicians to site when required.

Solar Assessment

We can now supply and install a complete Solar Resource Assessment kit from Campbell Scientific, including:

  • Meteorological Sensors : MetSens500 all-in-one sensor
  • Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) : Class A pyranometer using the Hukseflux SR30
  • Soiling : DustSens photovoltaic (PV) soiling sensor
  • Diffuse Irradiance : SPN1 for bifacial or single-axis tracke
  • Additional Irradiance: Class A pyranometer for redundant GHI