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Met Masts and Data Logging For Wind Energy since 1990

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Robert Bazlagette has been involved in renewable energy in some way for 30 odd years trading as Solar Wheel and forming a Limited company in 2005. Realising the potential of renewable energy, the company began making solar thermal panels in 1980, (hence the name Solar Wheel). Since then it has evolved to encompass all aspects of renewable energy. Wind energy offers by far the most cost effective and widely available source of renewable power in the UK, and so has the greatest potential to make a real difference to the environmental costs associated with our energy use.

Solar Wheel saw the opportunity to provide wind monitoring services for the growing industry and has specialised in providing fast efficient tilt-up Met mast installation. That has grown to encompass administration of all aspects of health and safety in line with industry requirements and other services associated with wind data collection, including maintenance, data collection, power prediction refurbishment and decommissioning.