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Google Search Rank

Despite being one of the last active on shore met mast intallation crews in the UK we still only appear on the 3rd page of Googles search results. 

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Stand Alone Power Supply in Khazakstan.

Solarwheel design, build and install a stand alone power supply in Khazakstan.

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Off Grid power

Low Cost Solar power supply for low impact living.

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Brechfa Weather Station

We've been running a weather station at Fforest in Brechfa for sometime using our specialist data logging and acquisition equipment. We decided to make the live and historic data publicly available for anyone who might find it useful or interesting.

You Can find it Here


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RSPB Wind Energy Poject

A few summers ago we installed a 70 Metre Nexgen HiMast for the RSPB in Sandy, Bedfordshire to monitor the available wind resource. The succesful data aquisition campaign proved that the site was viable and the local council awarded planning consent to the RSPB to install a 100m Meter Wind Turbine. Its expected to produce half of all RSPB UK energy needs. 


Phone Service

Our phone service provider Voipfone suffered a DDOS attack this afternoon which meant we were unable to receive calls.  The service is back to normal. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Custom Vehicles Expedite Met Mast Installations

Check out our fleet of vehicles in action installing an 80 Metre Nexgen H1 Met Mast.

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Most Prolific Met Mast Installer (Probably!)

Were pleased to announce that over the last 4 years we have installed 200 Met Masts.Thanks to the crew for all thier hard work, helping to realise future UK wind Projects.

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New HD Gin pole for masts up to 90m

Solarwheel has invested in a new Heavy Duty Gin-pole to handle heavier masts up to 90m

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80m Nexgen H 1 Mast survives vandalism attack.

The day the Met Office forecast storm force winds across Britain in early January this year, we received a phone call to say this mast had been vandalised. In less than 24 hours, we were on site and carried out an emergency repair to save the mast. 

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LIDAR and Remote Power Supply at Gwynt Y Mor

Solar Wheel veterans, Bobby and Felix, worked closely with RWE to Install a Zephyr LIDAR and renewable power supply on the Gwynt Y Mor MET Mast as part of the ongoing wind monitoring campaign.

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90 Meter Nexgen H1 installations go ahead

After two and a half years of successfully installing the 80 Meter Nexgen H1 Met Mast were pleased to announce that we are installing the newly developed 90 Meter H1 Met Mast. Having completed a series of test lifts in collaboration with Nexgen development team, we’re now poised to complete our first commercial installation ‘in the wild’ in the coming weeks.

From Nexgens Website:

Our H1-Mast class has redefined wind monitoring technology, combining groundbreaking engineering and...

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Triton SODAR Deployment

Triton SODAR deployment as part of our new Remote sensing Logisitcs service.

Solar Wheel Ltd now offers logistical support for the installation and maintenance of the Triton SODAR wind monitor. The most recent installation in the highlands of Scotland was less than straight forward due to the complex terrain. The site necessitated the installation of the unit on a snow platform due to the high altitude and remoteness of the location. Solar Wheel has many years’ experience of working in...

MET mast systems in Finland

Solarwheel were contracted by Vertical to supply 4 complete wind data capture systems for 140 meter lattice masts in the Oulu region for a wind analysis campaign by ABO Wind.  We designed and built the systems to the clients specification in our workshop in Wales and assisted remotely with deployment. Each system features Thies Anemometers, wind vanes and Ultrasonics with an Ammonit Meteo 40M receiving both analogue and serial data.  The Loggers are equipped with GPRS modems which allow the...

90m Tilt Up Met Mast

In August Solarwheel  successfully test lifted the latest prototype in the Nexgen H1 series of wind monitoring 

masts. The 90m H1 Mast has a top anemometer cup height of 92.2m!, making it the highest tilt up tubular wind mast available in the UK to date. As a comparison Big Ben is 96m tall.








Off Shore Wind Monitoring Mast Refurbishment

Solarwheel riggers have completed the first phase of refitting Gwynt Y Mor MET mast with all new anemometry.  The work contracted out by RWE, involved replacing the Vector A100LK anemometers,  W200P Wind Vanes, and a METEK USA-1 3D Ultrasonic anemometer.  The work also invloved servicing aircraft warning lights and fog horn and associated renewable remote power supplies. We were pleased to see that the RADAC Wave radar units we installed a few months ago for measuring wave height and other...

FLI & REPower

Solar Wheel rigging technicians recently completed works fitting anemometry and mounting booms to 2 80m permanent lattice towers at Bradwell and Kiln Pit Hill Wind Farms.  The work which enables  power curve assessment, was completed for REPower in conjunction with Francis & Lewis International who supply and install the latice masts.



Francis & Lewis Int. Lattice Tower Fitting

Solar Wheel have completed fitting instruments on two lattice towers. The first, a supply, build, install, and commission of a comprehensive array of anemometry and data logging equipment for Francis & Lewis International. The setup including a METEK USA-1 sonic anemometer producing serial data to a Campbell Scientific logger, was successfully installed on a 90 meter lattice tower by Solar Wheel climbing crew over 2 days with help from a couple of FLI riggers. The second job, fitting...

Used Met Mast For Sale

We have a limited quantity of second hand wind monitoring equipment for sale.  Please contact us for further details.

Enviromon South Africa

Alec Church has returned form Sutherland in the Karoo in South Africa after helping  Enviromon to safely install 3 Nexgen 60m Himasts. He brought the crew up to speed on safely handling 60m masts, they having previously only worked on 15 meter tilt up masts.

South Africa Met Mast Supervision

Alec Church has recently returned from a supervision trip to South Africa.  He was asked to assist Mulilo Renewables with the installation of one 70m HiMast produced by Nexgen, in the fruit growing region of the western cape near a town called Worcester, 2 hours drive North of Cape Town.  He taught a crew of local construction workers, with no experience of met mast installations, how to correctly assemble and safely lift the mast whilst overcoming a few teething problems.  It was a steep...

Rhyl Flats Real Time RF Data Link

Bobby and Will completed installation of an RF link between Rhyl Flats Met Mast and Turbine 27 to provide  real time wind data from the met mast Campbell data logger to Siemens  network in the turbine  via a MODBUS/TCP interface.


Rhyl Flats Off Shore Windfarm

The off shore climbing team from Solar Wheel Limited have successfully completed the replacement of wind measuring equipment and data loggers on  Rhyl Flats Met mast which was recently extended from 80 to 90 meters in preparation for wind power-performance assessment, part of ongoing works by Npower Renewables to complete and comission the wind farm currently under construction. The anemometry equipment was supplied by welsh firm Vector Instruments based in Rhyl.


Solar Wheel In Siberia

Bobby has recently returned from the Altai area of the Kazakhstan Steppes near lake Yarovoje in Siberia having supervised a local rigging team in the successful installation of 3 Nexgen 60m Himasts.

Local Press Coverage

Western Telegraph

Infinergy's first step towards Wear Point Wind Farm, Milford Haven

1:40pm Saturday 5th September 2009


Plans to develop a four-turbine wind farm near Milford Haven are a step closer with the installation of a temporary mast next week which will measure wind speeds at the proposed site. The 50m anemometer (“met”) mast will be constructed at Wear Point on an industrial site adjacent to the Semlogistics tank storage...

More work For Greta & Green

Bobby Bazalgette has recently returned from Russia after supervising two installations of Nexgen 70m Himast in the Orenburg region. He was asked by Greta & Green to advise the local crew on handling a 70m mast and also to commission the Campbell scientific loggers.  Ensuring that they were communicating successfully with the local GSM networks and emailing data to the clients.

Solar Wheel Limited in Bosnia

Alec Church has returned from Bosnia after supervising the successful installation of 2 Nexgen 70m Himasts to provide wind monitoring in the west of the country for Greta & Green Energy. The local rigging team had experience of installing 50m Nexgen masts but requested that Solar Wheel Ltd. send an experienced crew member to show them techniques for handling a 70m Mast, and to point out any pitfalls, ensuring that they installed it safely.

Press coverage Of Lattice Mast Work In Sweden

Carmarthen Journal, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 23

Firm blows competition away

by India Pollock